Blue Peter Marine has been helping national boat building bodies and governments for many years. We fully understand the challenges governments are facing with laws which are outdated or mainly aiming at Merchant Ships.  Blue Peter Marine can assist you to adapt your regulation in order to make it more “yachting friendly”.

“The Tourism Authority values Mr Peter Jacops’s contribution. He is a professional in the craft certification domain with impressive work experience in enhancing boating safety.

The Tourism Authority highly recommends licensing bodies, boat construction firms and related organisations to enlist his services.”

K.Maudarbocus-Boodoo Director of Tourism Authority Mauritius

“Peter Jacops has worked actively in the South African marine and boat building
industry for over ten years. He introduced international certification to South Africa, he gavevaluable international technical advice. Currently Peter conducts almost all the CE
certifications for South African boats. Peter is an extremely dedicated individual with a passion for boating. He is a man of
integrity and honesty and I can attest to his professional work ethic.”

Vanessa Davidson CEO Marine Industry of South Africa

“South Africa assisted by Mr Jacops exported boats to a value of R723.067.899 it is important to note that these boats would not have been allowed on the European Market without EC-type approvals which Mr Jacops helped to deliver….people such as Peter are needed from an economic and social point of view. I therefore recommend Mr Jacops as one of the few people whose scarce skills may help our country to create the much needed job in the boat making industry”

K.A. Mqolwana Minister of Social Development Western Cape.